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The OGWC is an Adult Wrestling Club for all ages. Check us out for all of your fitness and self defense needs!

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The wrestling community is well known for giving back. Giving to the OGWC is giving the gift of wrestling to people who thought their chances of becoming an athlete were long behind them. Giving to the OGWC is giving the gift of grit, determination, teamwork, and togetherness.OGWC Athletes are taught to share the knowledge they learn in our classes with their kids, clubs, and community because our main goal is to GROW WRESTLING. There are very few programs across the country in our target age bracket which means there is an insane opportunity for growth here.We are currently running OHWC classes out of New Jery and Pennsulvania but our goal is to franchise this idea to make wrestling accessible to everyone of all skill levels and ages nationwide!We need all the support we can get! Every dollar makes a difference in getting us closer to that goal. 100% of the donations will go towards growing the OGWC and adult wrestling nationwide. The funds will go directly to OGWC advertising, content creation, accessories and production.

As you can see our content struggles when we fund it ourselves 😂

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About Us

The OGWC - Old Guy/Girl Wrestling Club is an all inclusive adult wrestling club designed to make wrestling workouts available to people of all ages and skill levels. We are changing the stigma that wrestling has to be extremely aggressive and hard nosed to more of a hobby. We run practice partyyy's opposed to grueling workouts, placing an emphasis on low impact technique and fun!. We teach the fundamentals, aka the Golden Rules of Wrestling, while sneaking in world class details to make sure everyone in the room benefits technically from the workout. The OGWC is fitness, self-defense, and community building all in one. We encourage our athletes to share the technique they learn with their kids, their colleagues and their clubs. Our goal is to grow wrestling in a positive way and we feel the adult market is a great way to accomplish that goal. It's never too late to broaden your horizons and learn a new skill. Check out the OGWC today. We're OLD...but we're just getting started!

Reece Humphrey

Reece Humphrey is a former freestyle and folkstyle wrestler who had a fruitful collegiate career competing for Ohio State University while also representing the United States extensively on the international wrestling circuit, including at the World Wrestling Championship. Humphrey is equally praised for his work on the sidelines, as a coach.MAIN ACHIEVEMENTSCollegiate
- 2x NCAA All-American @ The Ohio State University
- 3x USA World Team Member
- 3x US Open Champion
- 2x Veteran World Champion
Team (Coach)
- USA Wrestling Coach of the Year
- New Jersey Regional Training Center (NJRTC)- College of New Jersey (coaching)

CJ Brucki

CJ Brucki is a former member of the Central Michigan University's wrestling team, a time when Brucki made two attempts at the NCAA Division 1 title (2017, 2018). After his athletic career with the Chippewas, CJ Brucki turned his focus to coaching, taking a position as a Director of Wrestling Operations at The College of New Jersey Athletics while remaining active competitively under the freestyle ruleset.MAIN ACHIEVEMENTSCollegiate
- NCAA Qualifier (2017, 2018)
- 1st Place Michigan State Open (2017)
- 1st Place Cleveland State Open (2016)
- 1st Place Alma Open (2016)
- 1st Place Edinboro Open (2016)
- 3rd Place MAC Championships (2017)
- 5th Place Midlands Championships (2018)
- 3rd Place Dave Schultz Memorial (2019)
- 5th Place ASICS University Nationals (2016)
- 2x US Open All American
Team (Coach)
- College of New Jersey


There is a stigma attached to wrestling that the sport is too intense and aggressive for older people to be able to practice consistently without getting hurt. We, at the OGWC, are changing that stigma to a positive, high energy, technically focused flowing martial art of awesomeness. This is how we keep our athletes safe! This is how we make sure our athletes have fun!Take a look at our social media pages below to see how we keep things loose, exciting and inviting. Laugh with us or laugh at us, it;s all in good fun!Give us a follow, throw us a few likes and drop a comment on our pages.



Register with us today whether you are interested in participating as an athlete, coach, or even a sponsor. Fill out the form below and our team will be in contact with you.

celebrity supporters

Kyle Dake
4x Freestyle World Champion
Olympic Bronze Medalist

Lee Kemp
3x Freestyle World Champion

Nashon Garrett
NCAA Champion
USA Wrestling World Team Member

TJ Dillashaw
2x UFC Bantam Weight World Champion

“I love what Reece is doing with OGWC- wrestling helps change so many lives, but it’s a great tool to help keep people mentally and physically on the right path! We have adults that are using grappling for therapy daily at our gym.”Urijah Faber
UFC Hall of Famer

“The OGWC is a brilliant concept because the world needs it. On so many levels it makes sense. Fundamentally wrestling is just good for one’s health. It’s a total body workout with constant self assessment required. Looking inward is hard and healing. In addition it certainly would help parents of wrestlers get a deeper understanding of what their children are experiencing. In essence if we want to understand another our best chance is to 'walk in their shoes'."Tom Ryan
The Ohio State University Head Coach and NCAA Finalist

“Wrestling and training MMA has helped me stay fit and be able to defend myself from any type of attacker. Everyone should be able to learn how to wrestle no matter what age they find the sport. If you can’t Wrestle you can’t fight! The OG Wrestling Club is the future. Sober is cool! HammerHouse4Life!“Mark D. Coleman
1st Heavyweight UFC World Champion
NCAA Champion

“Reece Humphrey is the brains of the operation!! As a college wrestler & now professional grappler; i knew wrestling would always separate me from my opponents. I trained under Coach Humpfrey for quite some time & I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable & fun training with Reece Humphrey is!! ”Nick Rodriguez aka NickyRod aka the black belt slayer
ADCC World Silver Medalist